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Computer Science & Engineering


To be a center of eminence to mould young, fresh minds into challenging computer science professionals with ethical values.



Enrich the knowledge and wisdom with repository of books and modernized laboratory aided by dedicated resources.


Organize training and activities on upcoming techniques, and inter-personal skills.


Develop the ability to provide sustainable solutions to real world situations with collaborations.

Department Toppers

Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is a centre of excellence providing in-depth technical knowledge and opportunities for innovation and research with up-to-date computer facilities.

Best-in-class infrastructure and faculty profile

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering , which has a fine blend of renowned as well as Experienced and dynamic personalities as faculty, is involved in providing quality education at both Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) levels.

The Department has strong Industry interaction and has been involved in development of state-of-art products for Industry. It has Project Development and testing facilities for carrying out industry sponsored research and consultancy projects.

Computer Science and Engineering department attracts high quality students from all over India and has an impressive placement record. Many of graduates choose to join some of the best institutions of higher learning around the world.

Organized National and international conference on Recent trends (ICIEMS, NCARC)

Christu Jyothi College of Engineering holds its head high as one of the Top Ten self-financing & Minority Engineering Colleges in the Warangal city.

Department Established with 40 Seats in 1998

Enhanced Intake to 60 Seats in 1999.

Enhanced Intake to 90 Seats in 2000.

Enhanced Intake to 120 Seats in 2002.

B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering, Affiliated by AICTE, New Delhi

Organized National Level Conference by Department of Computer Science i.e NCARC -2013

Grant of Permanent Affiliation by JNT University, Hyderabad from the Academic 2014

Accredited by NAAC with B in 2015

Achieved below Top 10 Ranks from JNT University by our students.

Involved in different R&D Activities like Smart Plane Airplane and Iris Voting Systems

Introduced New Course AI & ML in 2022 with 60 seats Intake.

Association Activities
Week 1Group DiscussionGroup DiscussionGroup DiscussionGroup DiscussionGroup DiscussionGroup Discussion
Week 2Just a MinuteJust a MinutePPTsPPTsJust a MinuteJust a Minute
Week 3PPTsPPTsJust a MinuteJust a MinuteQuizQuiz
Week 4PPTsPPTsGroup DiscussionGroup DiscussionQuizQuiz
Week 5QuizQuizPPTsPPTsQuizQuiz
Week 6QuizQuizQuizQuizPPTsPPTs
Week 7Expressing Innovative Ideas Technical way /DebateExpressing Innovative Ideas Technical way /DebateExpressing Innovative Ideas Technical way /DebateExpressing Innovative Ideas Technical way /DebatePPTsPPTs
Week 8Group DiscussionGroup DiscussionPPTsPPTsGroup DiscussionGroup Discussion
Week 9Just a MinuteJust a MinutePPTsPPTsJust a MinuteJust a Minute
Week 10QuizQuizQuizQuizPPTsPPTs
Events & Workshops
12022-23ANALYSIS OF SECURITY ISSUES IN E-MAIL & WEB SECURITYDr. K.Ramesh, Professor.Mr. BV Pranay kumar
22022-23MACHINE LEARNINGDr.U.S.N.Raju, Associate Professor.Dr. P U Anitha
32022-23JAVA SERVER PAGEMr. Ashok, Software Engineer.Mr. A.V.Vamshi Krishna
42022-23JQUERYMr. T.SeetaRam, Software Developer.Mr. M RamaRaju
52022-23COMPUTER GRAPHICSMr.K.Anil, Software Engineer.Mrs Haripriya
62022-23PYTHON PROGRAMMINGMr.J.Rajesh, Software Engineer.Mr. M RamaRaju
72022-23SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM IN AIMr. J.Ganesh, Software Engineer.Mr. A.V.Vamshi Krishna
82022-23BYTE XL, HYDERABADMr. NikunjMs. P.Madhavi
92022-23TCS , HYDERABADMr. J.RajeshA.V.Vamshi Krishna

Academic Calendar for the Academic Year 2022-23 II-Sem

1Commencement of Class work28-11-2022(II) _
2I -Spell of Instructions28-11-2022 to 21-01-20239 Weeks
09-09-2022 to 10-11-2022(III)
29-08-2022 to 31-10-2022(IV)
3Cultural Event30-09- 20221 Day
4Workshop on Basic Python14-09-20221 Day
5Skill Development program(AI)04-11-20221 Day
6Guest lecture on Machine Learning Techniques12-10-20221 Day
7Industrial Visit26-11-20221 Day
8I-Mid examination23-01-2023 to 30-01-2023(II)1 Week
11-11-2022 to 17-11-2022(III)
01-11-2022 to 07-11-2022(IV)
9II -Spell of Instructions31-01-2023 to 29-03-2023(II)8 Weeks
18-11-2022 to 12-01-2023(III)
09-11-2022 to 03-01-2023(IV)
10CRT Training14-11-2022 to 15-11-20222 Days
11Guest lecture on JQuery 19-12-20221 Day
12Association of Computer Engineers ACE-231st week of January1 Day
13II-Mid examination31-03-2023 to 08-04-2023(II)1 Week
16-01-2023 to 21-01-2023(III)
04-01-2023 to 10-01-2023(IV)
14Preparation and Practical Examinations10-04-2023 to 15-04-2023(II)1 Week
23-01-2023 to 28-01-2023(III)
11-01-2023 to 19-01-2023(IV)
15End Semester Examinations17-04-2023 to 29-04-2023(II)2 Weeks
30-01-2023 to 11-02-2023(III)
20-01-2023 to 02-02-2023(IV)

Academic Calendar for the Academic Year 2022-23 II-Sem

S.NoEvent Date Duration
1Commencement of Class work06-09-2021 _
2I -Spell of Instructions06-09-2021 to 06-11-2021 8 Weeks
3Cultural Event11-10- 2021 1 Day
4Workshop on Big Data & Mobile Payments19-10-2021 1 Day
5Guest lecture on Advance concepts in Computer Networks25-10-2021 1 Day
6I-Mid examination08-11-2021 to 13-11-2021 1 Week
7II -Spell of Instructions15-11-2021 to 08-01-2022 8 Weeks
8CRT Training14-11-2022 to 15-11-2022 2 Days
9Industrial Visit18-11-2021 1 Day
10Guest lecture on Python08-12-2021 1 Day
11Workshop16-12-21 1 Day
12Association of Computer Engineers ACE-20221st week of January 1 Day
13II-Mid examination10-01-2022 to 18-01-2022 1 Week
14Preparation and Practical Examinations19-01-2022 to 25-01-2022 1 Week
15End Semester Examinations27-01-2022 to 09-02-2022 2 Weeks