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Electronics & Communications Engineering


To be an established centre of excellence in Electronics and Communication Engineering facilitating youth towards professional,leadership and industrial needs.



Impart theoritical and practical technical education of high standard with quality resources and collaborations.


Organize trainings and activities towards Overall personality development in time with industrial need.


Promote innovation towards sustainable solutions with multi discipline team work with ethics.

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Electronincs and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering is an ever growing industry in today’s digital scenario. It is the utilization of science and math applied to practical problems in the field of Electronics & Communication. Electronic communication engineers engage in research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communications systems. It is due to Electronics engineers that we enjoy such modern communication devices as cellular telephones, radios and television. The graduates are qualified for professional practice or to work in several areas of specialization.

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in 1998 with an intake of 60 students. The intake was increased to 120. Since its inception the department has evolved from offering only undergraduate courses in key areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The department feels proud of quality; need based instruction & practical training imparted to its students to face the challenges of the fast changing corporate and technical world.

In addition to fundamentals of science and mathematics, the program provides a solid background in Devices & Circuits, Analog & Digital Electronics & Electromagnetic. The department faculty work with excellent team spirit in different technical team like RF Electronics, Communication, Signal processing, Image Processing, VLSI, Embedded System, Wireless Sensor Network which leads to key research publications and consultancy in these areas. The department strives to provide a conductive environment for the students to develop analytical and practical skills and apply them to real world problems. In ECE department students will study wide variety of theoretical & industry oriented subjects. The students will also implement their theoretical knowledge through the mini and major projects which involve the innovative ideas & social relevance.


  1. Dept. Established with 40 Seats in 1998
  2. Enhanced Intake to 60 Seats in 2001
  3. Enhanced Intake to 90 Seats in 2007
  4. Enhanced Intake to 120 Seats in 2009
  5. Accredited by NBA in 2014
  6. Accredited by NAAC with B in 2015
  7. Our alumni are working in Government Organizations and reputed software MNC Companies like INFOSYS, TCS, WIPRO, TECH MAHINDRA etc.
  8. Students have participated in NSS Activities like Blood Donation, Helping the Poor innearby places.
  9. Students organize various Technical Events under Department Association & Non-Technical events like Yoga, Cultural programs under respective Clubs.
  10. ECE students have done many Innovative projects like Electronic Podium College Activity Display etc.
  11. ChJyothsna got Gold medal-I for getting marks 4573/5075 from JNTU Hyderabad.
  12. P.Supriya Desai Got Got Gold medal-II for best outgoing student from JNTU Hyderabad.
  13. Dr. Sreeja Mole S S is the recipient of Excellent Innovative Scientific Research and Professor Award from Society of Professional Engineers.
  14. Dr. Sreeja Mole S S is the recipient of Dedicated Professional Engineer Award Winner from Society of Engineers and Technicians.
  15. Dr. Sreeja Mole S S is the recipient of Best Young Researcher and Young Scientist Award from Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties.
Association Activities 2022-2023
02/09/2022   Idea Presentation
09/09/2022  Interaction with seniorsPresenting Advertisement
16/09/2022  Technical QuizJAM
23/09/2022  Group DiscussionGroup Discussion
30/09/2022  JAMRole Play
07/10/2022  DebateRole Play
14/10/2022  Idea PresentationDebate
21/10/2022  Technical QuizMock interview
28/10/2022  Role PlayGeneral Quiz
04/11/2022Interaction with seniorsInteraction with seniorsRole Play---
11/11/2022DebateDebate----Technical Quiz
18/11/2022Role PlayRole PlayGeneral QuizDebate
25/11/2022Story NarrationStory NarrationDebateInstrumental Play
02/12/2022General QuizGeneral QuizRole PlayStory Narration
23/12/2022Best Out of WasteBest Out of WasteBest Out of WasteBest Out of Waste
30/12/2022Association DayAssociation DayAssociation DayAssociation Day
06/01/2023Technical QuizTechnical QuizInstrumental Play 
20/01/2023Group DiscussionGroup Discussion  
18/07/19Story NarrationPresenting AdvertisementSportsRole PlayJAM
25/07/19Role PlayStory NarrationStory NarrationPresenting AdvertisementQuiz
1/8/2019DebateMock InterviewRole PlayQuizRole Play
8/8/2019Presenting AdvertisementQuizPresenting AdvertisementRole PlayPresenting Advertisement
22/8/19Singing and Instrumental Sole & Group
29/8/19SportsSportsQuiz Mock InterviewStory Narration
5/9/2019SportsRole PlayMock InterviewStory NarrationMock Interview
19/9/19Dance Sole & Group
26/9/19Industry Talk
10/10/19Quiz Finals
31/10/19ECE Association Day
S. No Date(s) Event Name Resource Person Coordinator
1 15.03.2022 Guest lecture on Face Recognition Technology M.Ram Mohan, Executive, Smart bridge Dr.S.S.Sreeja Mole, Professor
2 13.12. 2021 Seminar on Image Processing Mr. K Radha Krishna, Asst. Prof., BITS Mr. B.Dharmender, Asst. Prof.
3 08.12. 2021 Orientation Programme Dr.M.Vinod Kumar, NIT.Warangal Mrs. D.RitaFaria, Asst. Prof.
4 17.11.2021 One day Workshop on Internet of Things N. Divya, Executive, Smart bridge Mr. R Ramesh, Asst. Prof.
5 18.05.2021 Guest lecture on Embedded system application and domain specification M.Rama Krishna, Maxwell Technologies Dr.S.S.Sreeja Mole, Professor
6 19.12.2020 One day Workshop on Arduino Processors M.Srinivas, Bytexl Mr. R Ramesh, Asst. Prof.
7 12.12.2020 Orientation Programme Dr.M.Vinod Kumar, NIT Warangal. Mr. D.RitaFaria, Assoc. Prof.
819.08.2020 Seminar on PCB Design Mr. K. Radha Krishna, Asst. Prof., BITS Mr. B.Dharmender, Asst. Prof.
9 03.08. 2020 Personality Development Dr.K.VeeraKumar NGM College, Tamilnadu Mr. T.SamuelYannis, Asst. Prof.
10 14.03.2020 Guest lecture on SOC Design Mr.Naveen, Manager, Advaitha Information Technology Mr. R.Ramesh, Asst. Prof.
1119.11. 2019 Seminar on Robotics K.Radha Krishna. Asst. Prof., BITS Mr. K.Amarender, Asst. Prof.
12 15-16 .11. 2019 Conference(ICRMIET) Dr.D.P.Kothari. Dr.S.S.Sreeja Mole, Professor
13 26.10.2019 One day Workshop on Embedded C Programming K.Prudvi, Excutive, Mepac 3 Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Hyd. Mr. D.V. Rajeshwar Raju, Assoc. Prof.
14 07.08. 2019 Orientation Programme Dr.M.Vinod Kumar, NIT Warangal. Mr. T.Samual
Academic Calender 2022-2023
S. No Description Duration
1Commencement of IV-ISem Classwork29.08.2022
2IV-1 I Sem 1st Spell of Instructions (Including Dussehra Recess)29.08.2022 31.10.2022 (9 Weeks)
3Commencement of III-ISem Classwork09.09.2022
4III-ISem 1st Spell of Instructions(Including Dussehra Recess)09.09.202210.11.2022 (9 Weeks)
5Dussehra Recess03.10.202208.10.2022 (1 Week)
6Workshop MATLAB for Engineering Applications (III Year)17.10.202219.10.2022
7IV-I 1st Mid Term Examinations01.11.202207.11.2022
8Guest Lecture (IV Year)02.11.2022
9III-I 1st Mid Term Examinations11.11.202217.11.2022 (1 Week)
10Submission of IV-I 1st Mid Term Exam Marks to the University on or before12.11.2022
11Submission of III-I 1st Mid Term Exam Marks to the University on or before24.11.2022
12Guest Lecture (III Year)30.11.2022
13IV-I 2nd Spell of Instructions09.11.202203.01.2023 (8 Weeks)
14Workshop on PCB Design & Fabrication (III Year06.01.202307.01.2023
15III-I 2nd Spell of Instructions18.11.202212.01.2023 (8 Weeks)
16Guest Lecture on Career Guidance (IV Year)05.12.2022
17Industrial Visit (III Year)17.12.2022
18Dept. Cultural Programs23.12.2022
19Association Day (All Years)30.12.2022
20IV-I 2nd Mid Term Examinations04.01.202310.01.2023 (1 Week)
21III-I 2nd Mid Term Examinations16.01.202321.01.2023 (1 Week)
22IV-I Preparation Holidays and Practical Examinations11.01.202319.01.2023 (1 Week)
23III-I Preparation Holidays and Practical Examinations23.01.202328.01.2023 (1 Week)
24Submission of IV-I 2nd Mid Term Exam Marks to the University on or before17.01.2023
25Submission of III-I 2nd Mid Term Exam Marks to the University on or before30.01.2023
26IV-I End Semester Examinations20.01.202302.02.2023 (2 Weeks)
27III-I End Semester Examinations30.01.202311.02.2023 (2 Weeks)